Thursday, March 3, 2011

Welcome, Dahling!!!

Good afternoon all of my darling little beauty fiends, and welcome to my adorable little internet belfry. Allow me to quickly introduce myself: I am Miss Mortis, a licensed cosmetologist in the south burbs of Chicago. I currently rock the hair industry under the employment of Rockzorz Salon and Spa. I specialize in all things glamorous, dahling, and I am here to be your personal fairy goth mother. I am an expanse of beauty industry knowledge and I am at your disposal.

There seems to be a plentiful amount of beauty blogs out there these days but none that cater to the alternative beauties in the world. That's right metal broads, indie chicks, hipster princesses, pinup sweet hearts and all my little rock and roll sisters in between, this blog is written with YOU in  mind. I'm dedicating my time to find out what products will keep your back comb perfecto through those long dance floor excursions, which foundation lasts through a mosh pit, and many other questions you need answered if you expect to keep that super unique look fresh and current.

Check back soon for my favorite looks for spring and the products that will make them easy to acheive!!


Miss Ana Mortis